The icons will not move back. The laptop monitor is the primary monitor and I have chosen extended mode using the 19" monitor as the secondary monitor. However, if I then refresh the desktop, they move back to being jumbled. With the two monitor set up, the applications open on my Secondary Monitor move to the Primary after Waking Up, and the Desktop icons on my Primary Desktop icons move to other monitor every reboot ;(Every time I reboot my computer the desktop icons get moved to my other monitor ... my primary monitor My primary only allows DVI, and for some reason windows prioritizes HDMI as the primary monitor, so it identifies the secondary monitor as 1, and my primary as 2. In your case, if you have three monitors, you need three The BenQ Monitor is my primary monitor. Desktop icons won't move to second monitor Hide Question ... the app bar as well as icons will go to the primary monitor. Monitor 3 is an extended desktop of Monitor 2 through MaxiVista (over ethernet) When I reboot, all my desktop icons which normally reside on the primary monitor 2 are shifted over to the left monitor. When you release the white bar on the left display icon, all of your displays will briefly dim to black. ... How to View Two Web Pages at the Same Time on a Monitor. How can I keep desktop icons on my secondary monitor from moving back to primary monitor on restart? Icons moved to seconday display, can't move them ... to enable me to move my desktop icons back to my primary ... connected to is Mouse gets stuck on primary monitor and cant move on to Then I place the duplicate icons as I wish in the two desktops with respect to the two monitors. Even though the commit message doesn't say it, this should be fixed as well. Desktop icons started to move again. It has a small hdtv as its monitor, which powers off quickly... so fairly often, I'll log in to it, get 800x600 or some odd size then right click on desktop to get the 1632x1200-whatever proper size for when the monitor is powered on. ... move desktop icons to secondary monitor? Dual Monitor Frequently Asked Questions. Odd, it seems like the icons are always on whatever screen is to the Left. Desktop shortcuts would be on my primary display and then change to Dual Monitor Frequently Asked Questions. : Just drag the select icons onto secondary monitor from desktop of primary monitor. Original title: Desktop icons move After I arrange my desktop icons on my laptop, everything is fine until I plug in an external monitor. This article shows how to configure Windows to stop moving icons on the desktop. Desktop icons keep rearranging; ... Monitor(s) Displays: ... Update2: Not holding anymore. Unfortunately this might cause the desktop icons to get jumbled up. I moved some desktop icons When I move it to the left (so the "2" Screen is on the left of hte "1" Screen in the setup) all my icons move to the left screen (#2 - wrong screen), but my primary monitor is still the right (#1). Attach an external monitor, right click on the desktop, select screen resolution, change to multiple displays, select "Extend these displays" from the Multiple Displays dropbox, highlight the external monitor, make this monitor your primary display. For those with multi-monitor Mac setups, here's how you can move your dock to another monitor or change your primary display in OS X El Capitan. I've recently run into a strange bug where my desktop icons will always go to the secondary monitor, regardless of which monitor is set as the primary. When the desktop reappears, your new monitor in our example, the one on the left will now contain the dock, active application windows, and any desktop icons. My taskbar stays on the right screen (#1). If you hover the icon on ... you can even set up the taskbar so that it shows up only on the primary monitor. The Windows desktop gets cluttered with icons ... How to Put a Desktop Icon at the Bottom of the Screen.